100 things that I find annoying

Written by: iluvgale

There's A LOT of things that I find annoying. So I'm gonna find 100 things that I find annoying and post them here!!!! They are in no specific order, just of when they come to me. And I'm gonna write a sentence or two about why it annoys me.


1. We people ask "Are you team Gale or team Peeta"

This is THE HUNGER GAMES!!! Not Twilight!!!!! So NO TEAMS people!!!!!

2. When Asain people go "Oh my!"

It's just how they say it!!! Don't think that I'm racist or anything, I mean I'm half Asain myself, but they just always say that!!!!

3. Mr. Spangler

He's my orchestral/ band teacher at school. He doesn't teach, doesn't seem to like kids, makes horrible jokes that he thinks are funny. Yah....

4. KEAP!!!!!!

Don't get me started on him. He drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Special Agent OSO

It's a tv show on Disney Junior. My little sister watches it occasionally and I just have to say that I HATE IT!!!!!