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Some ways to be fairly irritarting:Edit

  • Burst into song whenever and wherever you feel like it.
    • It helps if you're a bad singer.
  • Dance. Badly.
  • Start random and stupid conversations with just about anyone.
    • Some good things to say are:
      • May I borrow your pants?
      • I wish I had a pet cow.
      • You can't kill me! I'm a ninja!
      • Which is better? Ducks or geese?
      • Hey, you! You're bald! Your haed feels like a peach!
  • Ask any dumb questions that occur to you in class, no matter how bad the timing.
  • Immitate mean girls behind their back, making your friends laugh. (Warning: You may pay for this later.)
  • Be hyper.
  • Talk in a New York accent.
  • Begin humming random songs.
  • Be KEAP.
  • Post LMS statuses on Facebook.
  • Read Twilight
  • Have a loud and pointless conversation on the phone while riding the bus/train
  • Go to a wiki with an active chat and begin ranting about how your boyfriend who doesn't exist dumped you
  • Make some poor random stranger listen to this