the Cow Kicked NellyEdit

the Cow Kicked Nelly in the belly in the barn, The Cow Kicked Nelly in The Belly in The Barn, The Cow Kicked Nelly In The Belly In The Barn and the farmer sed it would do no harm, now the next verse is the same as the first but a little bit louder and a little bit werse. (Reapeat as Crushendo untill all go beserk)

the School Trip SongEdit

I know A Song That'l Get On your nerves get On your Nerves i know A Song That Will get on your neves get on your nerves get get get onj your nerves And Why Not Sing It now, I Know a song that will get on your nerves,get onyour nerves get get get on your nerves and this is how it goes, stop The Bus I Need A Pee Stop The Bus i need a pee i realy Need to Go (Reapeat untill all go crazy)

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